FEMINA by Aaron Henrikson

FEMINA, the doll (BJD) created by Janka Creator, becomes pure Art. Defining FEMINA just a doll is reductive, because now FEMINA is a white canvas, ready to be painted by other artists, who can come from many cultural environments, such as music, movies and painting. The first artistic collaboration has something magical. Aaron Smith Henrikson, is the artist who has thought about the look of FEMINA collectible, between fashion and cinema.
Aaron Smith Henrikson, in addition to being the official make-up artist of Madonna, is a visual artist of excellence, his Instagram page (@visionaaron) is a treasure trove of wonderful photos, travels, enchanted places, vintage clothes and fabrics, which the same Aaron, seeks and creates, and then, his magnificent work of make up artist, ranging from Madonna to the covers of Vogue, collaborator of the great fashion photographers, now in vogue.
A magical collaboration, due to the great agreement between the two artists, the author of FEMINA, Janka Creator, says: “I found in Aaron, a special person, a visionary and passionate artist, I was afraid, to touch a person so high level, in the fashion world, and instead I was amazed by the great humility and personality that Aaron has, this experience has made me grow as an artist, I will thank him forever. “