Tips to take care with her.

  • Be careful, Femina doll is not a toy, your doll is a collectible BJD ( Ball, Jointed, Doll ), Femina doll is not intended for young customers.
  • Femina is a resin doll, resin is a light-sensitive material, try not to expose your doll to direct sunlight for long time.
  • You can order Femina with body and face paint from the artist JANKA CREATOR, or doll without paint, ready to customize, every doll have one pair of eyes.
  • Remember, beauty is not perfection! Femina born from original sculpt, handmade modeling by JANKA CREATOR, some slightly bright marks on the doll, makes Femina a piece of art.
  • You can find many accessories suitable for your Femina doll, like dress, shoes, wigs and eyes on this site.
  • To order Femina doll, please go to page: How to order.
  • For your questions about Femina doll, please don't hesitate to contact me by email: