News! Friends I can finally reveal the first artistic project linked to Anatomica! I present to you the set of 4 limited edition postcards, with a A5 pocket-sized folder. The works designed for this set are luminance-colored pencils on Murillo cotton papers. You can order the limited edition postcard set from the website:
on the contact / order page
The set costs 15 euros without shipment cost for Italy, plus 10 euros for worldwide.
If you place the order before December 10th, you will have a surprise together with the set! Think of it, it could be a great Christmas present. See you soon friends and thanks for supporting me always.

Thank u so much to @she_walks_softly with @get_repost ❤️
SUNDAY SUBMISSIONS! I may not post the same piece you submit because I take the time to view your page and find what resonates with me. Tag #swsfeature or tag me in the photo directly. NO DM art submissions please! Galleries, art collectives and friends may submit on behalf of artists. Special thanks to artists who repost or share the feature in their stories. Congrats to this week's artists!