Hi! my name is Giancarlo Scrofani, but you can call me Janka.


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Welcome to my site, you will find everything about my art. I hope you like it...


Photo by  Marem Ollmann



At the BambolArt Exhibition at the MUVI Museo Vitaloni in Milan Lambrate, held in September 2015, JANKA CREATOR presented the OOAK collection of dolls called “DIVAS”, composed of 5 dolls - four displayed as paintings and one as a diorama - inspired by the divas from the 40s and 50s and paintings by Tamara de Lempicka.
The DIVAS paintings are hand-painted on cotton canvas with acrylic colors, while the dolls (OOAK) have their faces repainted, they are dressed in hand-sewn clothes and wear handmade jewelry and accessories.
At the end of November 2015, at the Rome Fashion Doll Convention, the artist presented the dolls with the appearance of Lady Gaga in American Horror Story as well as the OOAK "DIVAS" collection.
On April 2, 2016 his first solo show in Turin, when JANKA CREATOR inaugurates the exhibition entitled DIVAS at the exhibition space of the POP HEART store.
The collection contains his great passion for the stars and pop icons of yesterday and today: Marilyn Monroe, Madonna, Lady Gaga, Liz Taylor, Ru Paul, Bettie Page, Charlize Theron, Sarah Jessica Parker and 80's telestar as Heather Parisi.
The artist draws inspiration from the timeless beauty of Hollywood actresses, from international pop icons but also from multi-generational baddies, like the four works that were present in the exhibition dedicated precisely to the «Bad Disney's», re-thought and realized with the style that distinguishes the creations JANKA CREATOR.
In absolute preview a new work, the result of the first collaboration between the visual arty brand Teeshare and JANKA CREATOR. The work focuses on the timeless charm of Marilyn Monroe.
DIVAS is an exhibition dedicated to lovers of art and fashion and to collectors looking for uniqueness in the creations on display, the main feature of the artist's Fashion Doll world.
March 15, 2016, the American singer Madonna publishes, on her official Instagram page, the photo of JANKA CREATOR's work, which portrays her as a Clown, a tribute to the Tears of a Clown show, which the singer performed in Melbourne, Australia.
Madonna wrote for this opera: "Loving ... ..this doll"
Aaron Henrikson, make-up artist of many stars, and creator of Madonna's make-up in her Rebel Heart Tour 2015/2016, commented via social, the image recreate by JANKA CREATOR for Madonna, as: "Amazing work as usual".


Music lover, JANKA CREATOR writes and composes pop music for music videos.
From here the step is short and the artist decides to try his hand at directing projects related to the film world, thus developing his own style of direction.
In 2011, the filming of his first amateur feature film, entitled GIRL’S GUN, begins.
This work written and written by Giancarlo Scrofani, Francesca Mitolo and Carmelo Mangione, is shot with zero budget and non-professional actors.
It is inspired by the classic of Monicelli "The girl with the gun".
In June 2012 JANKA CREATOR receives the EMPIRE award for CINEAMA for the short ALICE IN POPLAND, created with the mash-up technique for the MASHROME FILM FEST festival.
The film is visible on the official VIMEO: JANKAMUSICSTUDIO page, with the voices of Francesca Mitolo, Erika Chella and Giancarlo Scrofani.
The short film is selected and screened at the REMIXNYC film festival in Brooklyn, New York.
In spring 2014, Girl's Gun wins the Award of Excellence CANADA international film festival.
July 2018, won the award showroom of the Berlin Fashion Film Festival with the short film FEMINA the short fashion film, a short film starring his doll BJD FEMINA.

Since September 2016, Giancarlo Scrofani has taken on the role of Tutor for the TV program DETTO FATTO, aired every day in the afternoon of RAIDUE, presented by Caterina Balivo. Giancarlo in transmission, "customizes" and customizes everyday objects, making them glamorous, suitable for parties or social evenings, all using fantasy and polymer clay, with various processing techniques.


FEMINA is the name of the BJD doll (ball jointed doll) conceived and modeled by the artist between fetish, art and burlesque. But FEMINA is also a story: from hand-painted paintings, to two short films (the first, winner of the Showroom Award at the 2018 Berlin Fashion Film Festival), from fashion designed and created for the doll's body, to music. As he himself says "The Femina project is the expression of my art, in the round. The dolls, which make-up, dress, make-up, putting all my artistic skills into play, want to express my world. Femina, look, listen and speak with my heart, it is like an esoteric Golem, which comes to life thanks to my creative strength. In the two short films dedicated to her, Femina tells herself, like a body in search of a heart of a soul, a bit like the tin man of the wizard of Oz, and does it with the beautiful voice of Christina Klassen. But Femina is also fashion and it is also music, in fact from November 9th the song Creator will be available on all digital stores, written and sung by me, produced in London at the Sunlightsquare Records studios. An urban ballad with trap tones, accompanied by a music video, where there will be a metaphorical exchange, I as an artist will model Femina, but in the end, Femina will model me, like I was wet clay. The video will be available on youtube from November 9th.
Janka Creator is a versatile artist. Ranging from the creation of clothes and jewels to the creation of unique models, in dioramas, by Fashion Doll. For him, art is a vehicle of expression, and this has led him to diversify, testing himself in the cinema with a short film and in music, with the composition of pop songs that highlight his versatility.
His creations have attracted the curiosity of characters of great standing in the world of the star system. His Fashion Doll with the appearance of Madonna Rebel Heart Tour, was noted and appreciated by Jeremy Scott, designer of the Moschino brand.
On the occasion of Madonna's concert in Turin, an exhibition dedicated to the singer with works of art created by her fans, which she used in the video of a song from her live tour, was set up at the sumptuous Palazzo Saluzzo Paesana. Janka Creator has created, for the occasion, an unpublished work entitled "Iconic". The doll represents the singer dressed as Marilyn Monroe, lying on the ground, massacred by leatherhead soldiers, who metaphorically represent the mass media against the icon of style ever since. This creation has received the support of Tony Villanueva, Madonna's costume and dress designer. Even Aaron Henrikson, a make-up artist linked to Madonna for several years, was fascinated by the artist's work for the attention to detail in the make-up recreated on the Fashion Doll, perfectly reflecting what the make-up artist had thought for the singer.
Fashion lover, Janka Creator, honored the Leitmotiv designer duo with the doll inspired by their S / S 2016 creations, gaining their full consent.
Recently the artist received compliments from Daphne Guinness, known in the world of fashion, for the Fashion Doll made with her likeness in the video entitled Evening In Space, directed by David LaChapelle and Nick Knight.